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Italian Sociological Review

Si segnala la pubblicazione del Vol. 13, N. 1 (2023) della rivista Italian Sociological Review.       

I contributi nel Vol. 13, N. 1 (2023):    

1.     Household Budget Management and Financial Behaviour of the Italian Family in Times of Crisis  

Umberto Di Maggio, Fabio Massimo Lo Verde  

2.     Advanced Crisis Management in Enterprise Networks: An Exploratory Study on the Effects of the Pandemic 
Luigi Gentili  

3.     National Plan of Recovery and Resilience and Digitalization of Public Administrations: New Opportunities for Old Challenges for Social Work 
Anna Zenarolla  

4.     Diversity and Health: Two Sides of the Same Coin 
Davide Costa  

5.     Education and Democracy: The Third Way in Karl Mannheim 
Alba Francesca Canta  

6.     (Non-)Sharing as a Form of Maternal Care? The Ambiguous Meanings of Sharenting for Mothers of 0- To-8-Year-Old Children 
Giovanna Mascheroni, Davide Cino, Gaia Amadori, Lorenzo Giuseppe Zaffaroni  

7.     Wir Müssen Bleiben. Artworks and Visual Expressions Against Gentrification. The Case of Rigaer Straße Walls in Berlin 
Uliano Conti  

8.     Disinformation and the Pandemic: The “Treacherous” Virus of Fake News  

Francesco Pira  

I papers sono consultabili alla pagina web di ISR.