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Italian Sociological Review, vol. 12

Si segnala la pubblicazione del Vol. 12, N.1 (2022) della rivista Italian Sociological Review.   

  I contributi nel Vol. 12, N. 1 (2022):   

1. The Challenge of a Global Sociological Imagination 

Marco Caselli  

2. Converting Digital Capital in Five Key Life Realms 

Massimo RagneddaMaria Laura RuiuFelice AddeoAngela Delli Paoli 

3. Technological Acceleration, Ageing Process and COVID-19. The Role of Scientific Information Between Opportunities and Limits. Results of an Empirical Research in Central Italy 

Maurizio EspositoIolanda Romualdi 

4. Tactics of Altered Consumption: Young People’s Drinking Choices in the Italian Movida  

Franca BeccariaSara RolandoEnrico PetrilliLuigi Arcieri 

5. Sex-For-Marks Scandals in South-East Nigeria Institutions of Higher Learning, Female Students Victim and the War against Sexual Harassment 

Samuel O. Okafor, Elizabeth, O. OkoyeJanefrances C. Onu, Irene C. Kekeocha-ChristopherElizabeth E. ObiozorBlessing A. OkechukwuAnn N. Ogbonna 

6. The “Dark Side” of Community Social Work: An Instrument of Control or a Promoter of Citizen Participation? Reflections on the Results of a Research Project 

Sergio Cecchi  

7. Designing Inclusive Urban Places 

Letizia Carrera 

8. The Digitalization of Sound: How the Consumption of Music Changed from Vinyl to Hybrid Experiences 

Dario De NotarisLello Savonardo 

9. Sociology Between Science and Knowledge 

Antonio Iannaccone 

10. The Sports Narrative: Phenomenology and Deep Structures of Meaning 

Domenico Secondulfo 

I papers sono scaricabili alla pagina web di ISR.