Sociologia per la Persona


Vol. 12 della rivista Italian Sociological Review.

Si segnala la pubblicazione del Vol. 12, N. 6S (2022) della rivista Italian Sociological Review.    

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I contributi nel Vol. 12, N. 6S (2022): 

1. Families Are Changing: What About the Policies? Between Good Intentions and Good Practices 

Elisabetta CarràRoberta Teresa Di Rosa  

2. Government Support, Active Participation of Families and Optimistic Vision of the Future During the COVID-19 Emergency: Results of a Longitudinal Research Study 

Matteo MoscatelliElisabetta CarràChiara Ferrari  

3. The Conditions of Resilience: Families, Social Services and Social Workers Facing the COVID-19 Pandemic  

Luigi GuiMara Sanfelici  

4. Family Well-Being Under Pressure: Rhythmanalysis Applied to Post Pandemic Family Dynamics  

Gaetano GucciardoMarianna Siino  

5. Fragility or Frailty? The Stories of Five Women’s Transition to Old Age  

Donatella BramantiSara Nanetti  

6. Together With Families. The Salerno System through Listening, Co-Planning, Shared Social Responsibilities and the Perspective of Childhood Pole 

Rossella TrapaneseMassimo Del Forno  

7. Elderly Care During the Pandemic and Its Future Transformation 

Elena MacchioniRiccardo Prandini  

8. Migrant Families, Social Policies and Community Relations: Towards What (Kind Of) Integration?  

Roberta T. Di RosaElena Allegri  

9. Family Issues. Difficulties in Migrant Family Life Exacerbated by the Pandemic  

Giuseppina Tumminelli  

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