Sociologia per la Persona


Vol. 13, N. 2 (2023) della rivista Italian Sociological Review

Si comunica la pubblicazione del Vol. 13, N. 2 (2023) della rivista Italian Sociological Review.       

I contributi nel Vol. 13, N. 2 (2023):    

1.     Living Together in the Company: Operational Efficiency as a Function of Social and Relational Dynamics in Organizations 

Riccardo Sartori, Francesco Tommasi, Andrea Ceschi, Mattia Zene, Sofia Morandini, Michele Monti, Marija Gostimir 

2.     The War on Terror and the War of Terror. The Reflective Politics of an Elite of Grievances and Their Young Acolytes Quest for Justice. The Case of Al Ghurabaa and The Saved Sect 

      Danila Genovese 

3.     From National to Local (and Back). Religious Freedom and the Right to the City in Italy 

      Luca Bossi, Roberta Ricucci 

4.     Transformation of Sports Practices in Pandemic and Post-pandemic Times 

      Maurizio Esposito, Ciprian Panzaru, Sara Petroccia 

5.     No Country for Women. Women Working in the Italian Music Industry 

      Rebecca Paraciani 

6.     Use of Digital Social Media at Night, Awareness of the Associated Risks, Beliefs and Driving Factors 

      Adeponle Olayode Adeoye, Ayodele Samuel Jegede 

7.     Role of the digital for the Third Sector in the Campania region (Italy): From the side of research to the side of the objects in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic 

Gabriella Punziano, Mariavittoria Cicellin, Eugenio Zito, Suania Acampa, Rosa Sorrentino 

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